Raven Speaks | Fall & Winter
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Fall & Winter

Changing Market

In response to many who have expressed a desire for a deeper, more satisfying personal connection with the world of First Nations people, I am pleased to offer you a series of Workshops & Personal Retreat Days  that I conduct on my land in Udora, located just 15 min. N of Uxbridge. During our time together we will share and enjoy an experience that allows us to respond to the rhythm of Nature as we collectively enjoy lovingly prepared homemade food, walks in the woods and connection to All of our Relations.

Please see below a list of upcoming Workshops and Personal Retreat Days.  Should you feel called to attend or would like to be added to the workshop invitation list please drop me a note through the contact page.


Fall & Winter


4 Season Medicine Walk – (Four part Retreat Series)


Conceptual tree in four seasons - 3d render illustration

In Native tradition, Medicine is anything that will aid the seeker in feeling more connected and in harmony with Nature and all life-forms.  Anything that is healing to the body, mind, and/or spirit is Medicine.
In the way of my Ancestors, I have chosen to offer these insights through a Four Season Medicine Walk retreat series which acts as a bridge to the ancient understandings of Native Knowing Systems.
Please join me as we move into the fall and winter phases of our Medicine Wheel journey.  Introspection is the medicine that awaits the seeker in the Western direction.  The season is Fall when the spirit of the bear summons us to our own caves seeking the answers within through our dream time. Moving slowing to the Northern direction is the winter season that guides us to the sacred place of the Elders where wisdom is revealed and gratitude expressed in prayers of thanksgiving.   Note:  the fourth part of the series (Winter) will be offered approx. 6 weeks after the Fall retreat.  Participants can begin their 4 part series at anytime during the cycle and are encouraged to complete all four seasons.


Illustrated Journaling – Expression of the heart.  (One Day Retreat)


Young Woman Sitting on Rocks in a Park Writing in a JournalPlease accept my invitation to treat yourself to a Journaling Retreat and resolve to nurturing your creative mind as you move further into discovering more about who you are and what you have to offer the world. This extensive workshop will offer you insight and the experience on how to accomplish soul-searching in your writing, reduce stress and create amazing insight.





Traditional Native Smudging (One Day Workshop)


Smudging has been a sacred ritual for Indigenous Peoples for thousands of years.  It is a joyful practice of purification for clearing the negative and attracting positive energies to you. Through this workshop you learn about the four Sacred Plant Medicines, Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Tobacco and participate in an authentic smudging celebration.  Participants are invited to create their own smudge bowl and feather wand to take home and are encouraged to include the art of smudging into their daily lives.




Raven’s Rituals (A One Day Retreat)


socks & fireRitual plays a large part of the health and well being of many Indigenous cultures from around the world.  Reflected through First Nations worldview, various rituals designed to heal and strengthen will be offered throughout a very special day of personal reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. Join me in an escape into the natural world where the wind whispers softly in your ear as the trees offer their wisdom and loving embrace. Move further into discovering how ritual can be a meaningful and inspiring experience that connects you to your heart’s desire in a way that flows easily naturally.




Animal Totems and the Messages They Bring Us (One Day Workshop)


DeerWhen we choose to fully embrace Nature we are gifted with a gentle awakening to a new awareness and begin to hear our animal friends speak to us with messages and teachings that are critical to our life journey. Please join me for an interactive and Spiritually fulfilling experience where we will share Native traditions and teachings of how to reconnect with life’s greatest teachers. Throughout our time together you will explore the messages and significance of your Birth, Journey and Shadow Totems and learn to identify and integrate Nature’s teachings into your life.

Workshops and retreat days are held on site at Raven’s Place in Udora, Ont. – 10 min. North of Uxbridge.
Investment: $150.00 p.p. (unless otherwise stated)
For additional information, please drop me a note through the contact page for available dates, times and details.