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Classroom Support

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Classroom Support

Sharing circles are an essential part of oral tradition and has been a primary method of communication and healing for Indigenous people. The purpose of a Sharing Circle is to promote respect for the opinions and ideas of others and can be an excellent tool in the classroom.

Used as a means to share stories, discuss topics or to create positive relationships, sharing circles can be conducted to suit elementary and secondary grade levels.




Raven’s Music

Science is only now beginning the exploration and discovery of the incredible psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical benefits of music. Studies are being performed all over the world, which continue to validate what ancient cultures have known for many centuries; Music heals.

The songs that I have prepared for you visit themes of Unity and Earth Connection. Intended to aid you in creating and supporting a calm, creative and safe classroom environment, I encourage you to include these songs in your lessons plans, in your sharing circles, afternoon breaks or any time you feel the need to enhance or shift the mood of your classroom.


You can hear my music using the Player, or download them
by clicking on Raven’s Music.


“There are no difficult students – just students who don’t want to do it your way.”
(Jane Revell & Susan Norman)

The Story of
Sammy the Skrunk

(click here)

“A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit.”

(Francois Rabelais 1494 – 1553)