Reflections of the Seasons Album

Reflections of the Seasons Album

Join me on a four-season self-discovery journey where we will explore the link between the seasons of the earth and the stages of our lives. The stories, elemental guided meditations, and Nature rituals presented in this album reflect the profound impact nature can have on our lives and the importance of embracing its wisdom and beauty. As you listen, I invite you to embark on a personal journey of awareness and awakening as you gently return, reflect, release, and reclaim the clarity and companionship the natural world has to offer you.

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1. Welcoming Autumn
2. Leaf Lessons – a Story of Letting Go
3. Sitting for the Soul – Guided EARTH Meditation


4. Welcoming Winter
5. Snowbound Serenity – A Story of Trust & Gratitude
6. Tending to your Inner Flame – Guided FIRE Meditation


7. Welcoming Spring
8. Animal Wisdom – A Story of Communication & Insight
9. Feathers of Hope – Guided WIND Meditation


10. Welcoming Summer
11. Fever Stones – A Story of Nature’s Healing Touch
12. Shoreline Serenity – Guided WATER Meditation

If you don’t have access to major platforms to listen to my albums, don’t worry! Simply reach out to me, and I’ll happily provide you with a download link for your phone or computer. Your enjoyment of the music and stories is my priority, and I’m here to make it as accessible as possible for you.

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