Raven Speaks | Summer Camp Visitation
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Summer Camp Visitation

Bringing First Nations culture and experience directly to you.


Aligned with many camp values such as nurturing self esteem, promoting unity and empowerment, I employ a unique learning style that encompasses Mind, Body, and Spirit, which provide insight, inspiration and understanding to youth of all ages.


Presentations (approx. 60 to 90 minutes in length) are interactive and include traditional teachings, drum and song. Extensions to the presentations can be added and include; Unity Chain Making, Talking Stick Making, Pine Cone Bird Feeders Cedar Tea Cones, Musical Shaker Making, Beadwork/Porcupine Quill Jewellery, Medicine Bag Making and more.


All presentations and activities can be tailored to suit special needs.


For detailed information please click on Summer Camp Visitation Brochure

Pre-camp training workshops for staff offer personal enlightenment through traditional teachings.
Workshops are hands on and are a refreshing way to build community and balance within your camp family.

For detailed info please click on:

Summer Camp Visitation Brochure

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