Raven Speaks | School Visitation
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School Visitation

Bringing First Nations Culture and Experience Directly to you


Raven Barrie Examiner -modified


School Visitations provide an effective means of bringing Indigenous people out of the history books and into a contemporary setting where stereotypes and misconceptions are replaced with Knowledge, Respect and Pride. All presentations and programs offer:

  • Authentic Voice
  •  Teacher Support
  • Experiential Learning


Presentations & Programs

PRESENTATIONS are ideal for fist time visitations as they serve as an introduction to First Nations culture, tradition and worldview. Based within the traditional teachings of The Medicine Wheel, presentations include interactive storytelling, song and drum offering insight and inspiration to students of all ages. Presented in an assembly style format or grade level specific, each 75 min. presentation has been created to suit specific grade levels and meet the requirement of several curriculum learning expectations and subject areas. (See School Visitation Brochure for details on topics and rates)


PROGRAMS serve as an extension to the teachings provided in a presentation (shown above).  Program topics elaborate on specific areas of interest and provide hands-on experiential learning through land based knowledge, traditional crafts and ritual. Programs are grade level specific and meet the requirement of several curriculum learning expectations and subject areas. Programs are 90-150 minutes in length. (See School Visitation Brochure for details on topics and rates)


For a detailed list of Presentations and Programs please click on the School Visitation Brochure on the sidebar of this page.