Raven Speaks | Testimonials
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The best testimonials of all are from the students…

My name is Dora and I am in grade six. I loved your presentation at our school. It meant a lot to me. I really liked how you were able to tell so much about us by looking in our eyes. Everyone in my class said they wanted to live your way of life. I agree. I was wondering if you were born in the Annishinabe culture? I also think your singing is really nice. I downloaded the song “As One.” You sang that beautiful song at your presentation. I really want to know more.

Teacher feedback

I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback I have received! I spoke with my classes and they all had great comments and spent the first twenty minutes  of class yesterday sharing their experiences – even students that I don’t regularly teach have stopped me in the halls to say how much they enjoyed the day.   That in itself is amazing!  One teacher had her morning classes write reflective letters to my class and every single letter asked if we could hold a day like this again next year!  To me that speaks volumes about how great your presentations were and also, how interested students are about learning more about First Nations’ culture and history – another reason why including Indigenous Studies programs within our schools is so important.

Once again I wish to send my gratitude for the privilege of taking part in your teachings with the children. It is always rewarding to see how much the students enjoy and take in from the circle teachings. Your enthusiuasm, humour and knowledge truly engages our children in the learning.   (Grade 6 elementary school teacher)


I would like to begin by saying thank you. And I do mean a BIG CHI MIIGWECH. I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate your willingness to share your wisdom, your insights, your energy and your ability to nurture all of us who have been privileged to be a part of your circle.  We are all truly fortunate to have these opportunities to work with you, to learn and to grow.


Raven`s involvement at the Durham District School Board is always very welcome and most appreciated.  The feedback we have received indicates Raven`s ability to make strong connections with audiences of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.  We feel very fortunate and deeply grateful to be working with Raven; she changes lives!

Mr Bill Littlefair (Program Officer Indigenous Studies) & Ms. Deanna Fry (Indigenous Education Facilitator)


Workshops & Retreat Day Feedback

“Raven’s workshops cannot be adequately described in words. It was moving, inspirational and an amazing way to spend a day.” (Workshop Participant)


Absolutely powerfully packed inspirational experience attending Raven’s sharing circle.  She connects people to Mother Earth in a way that is not to be described in words. A memory that will never be forgotten. Miigwech Raven!

Respectfully, Everyone at York University, Toronto, Ontario.


I attended the afternoon workshop yesterday. I do hope they provide us with a survey for our thoughts of the workshop because I need to tell them that you were absolutely wonderful.  What a truly powerful presentation and an amazing way to end our day. Thank you for your inspirational words.  I shared what I learned about the medicine wheel and the message you gave us about how critical it is for us to care for Mother Earth with my children and they actually seemed to “get it” much better than when I nag them to simply recycle. Your message was lovely and I do hope we can continue to learn from the wealth of knowledge the First Nations Peoples possess. Thank you so much for sharing not only your knowledge but your wisdom with us.


Absolutely powerfully packed inspirational experience attending Raven’s healing circle.  She connects people to Mother Earth in a way that is not to be described in words.
A memory that will never be forgotten.
Miigwech Raven