Raven Speaks | Bio
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Raven Murphy

In Native tradition it is believed that the Raven is one of our Creators most valued messengers. A bird of mysticism, magic, shape shifting and creation with a unique ability to navigate through darkness and into light – as does the woman behind this name. As a proud Annishinabe (First Nations) woman, Raven wholeheartedly shares her experiences and the wisdom of her Ancestors by way of The Medicine Wheel that bridge us to the ancient understandings of interconnectedness and re-establishes our earth-connection.  


“When we surrender to the peace and tranquility of what Nature holds for us, we are gifted with the ability to Hear More, Feel More and Be More. It is through this personal experience with Nature that we gain Clarity, Confidence and Conviction to treasure ourselves and All of Our Relations in a way that ultimately leads us to a peaceful, playful and passionate life.”


Through a wide variety of workshops, day retreats, school visitations and guest appearances Raven’s ability to accelerate awareness and enthusiasm in others coupled with her passion for life and is  undoubtedly contagious . As a Dynamic Speaker, Visionary, Author, Musician and Teacher Raven continues to assist, inspire and encourage others in a Natural world of Beauty, Grace and Possibility.