Raven is a passionate and ambitious woman moved to share her knowledge of the land in a way that informs, inspires, and illuminates the path toward fulfillment, joy, and abundance. She shares her expertise and creative skills through her thriving practice as an Outdoor Educator, Songwriter/Musician, and Author.

Strategically weaving her skills and conviction for the natural world into each aspect of her offerings, Raven implements a unique experiential learning style that deepens understanding and fosters peace and possibility. Her heartfelt invitation to return, reflect, release and reclaim ties to the land has been embraced by many who share her journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

A bit of history

Raven spent the first 21 years of her life in a small French community in southwestern Ontario until deciding to pursue a career in Toronto. Her wit, adaptive nature and passion for life were soon recognized and catapulted her through a successful 18-year corporate career. Throughout that time, Raven courageously conquered many personal and professional life challenges, which led her to pursue her passion for the natural world. After choosing to leave the corporate world, she pursued a formal education obtaining BA degrees in Indigenous Studies, Psychology, and Environmental Studies, which paved the road toward the most rewarding work of her life.

Today, Raven resides on the shores of Georgian Bay, where she continues her practice immersed in Nature and transmitting to others the wisdom and guidance it offers. Through a wide variety of Nature Programs, Retreats, School Visitations, and her newly released album Silence of the Season, her ability to accelerate awareness and enthusiasm in others is undoubtedly contagious and continues to inspire those who share her conviction for a peaceful, playful, passionate life.

“When we surrender to the peace and tranquility of what Nature holds for us, we receive the ability to hear more, feel more, and be more. Through personal interaction with Nature, we gain clarity, confidence, and the conviction to treasure ourselves and others in a way that ultimately leads to a peaceful, playful, and passionate life.”

 – Raven

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