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Aboriginal Education

August 2014-web


Good Life Teachings

Bimaadziwin is an all encompassing Ojibwe term that refers to Living a Good Life in connection with “All of Our Relations” (Earth, Plants, Four Leggeds and Two Leggeds).  It is a word that guides our attitudes and our behaviour as we walk gently on Mother Earth with grace and integrity.  All presentations and programs offered here are reflections of this concept.

By employing a traditional experiential learning style that encompasses Mind, Body, and Spirit, presentations provide an Interactive, Informative and Inspiring experience for students of all ages. Drumming, storytelling and singing simultaneously fosters a greater understanding of Culture, Language and Worldview while reinforcing the teachings of First Nations People by encouraging Respect, Communication and Sharing.


For a detailed list of School Visitation Presentations and Programs please click on any of the brochures located on the sidebar of this page.

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Raven’s NEW Book Release:

The Story of Sammy the Skrunk

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